Fearless. Passionate. Experienced.

A force of light here to assist others and myself by getting to the deep, dark secrets that has kept us from our true freedom. Together.

Making a comfortable environment for those of us who wants to constructively improve life for others

Balancing Dark with Light is tremendously powerful movement providing multiple outlets for people that’s ready to show everyone that WE have thoughts and feelings that should truly be taken serious. My book, Balancing Dark with Light A Journey from Ghetto to God is a raw, authentic, coming of age story that shares ways to be true to oneself. In this heartfelt book will be all of the reasons “why” I am an expert in the field of being light for myself and others. Something I have been working on for over 10 years.

I am confident that my unique experience and staunch advocacy for civilized rebellion will be an asset to help improve everyone’s life.

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Music that is real and raw helping to express all of the different emotions of life and being unapologetic creating confidence in others.

Life Advice

Advice for those of us that are in dark areas of life where there seems no way out and would accept guidance from someone who is comfortable in the dark.


Art that not only makes people laugh, but puts in perspective many different ways of overcoming our own shortcomings.